5 Tips to Make Your Home Accessible to a Person with a Visual Impairment

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Article by: Michael Longsdon Do you have an elderly parent with a visual impairment coming to live with you? If so, and you think your home will be difficult to make accessible for them, don’t panic. People with visual impairments can achieve independence through relatively easy home modifications and accommodations. By prioritizing safety, lighting, and [...]

Bruce interviewed by Senior Care Authority: “Add Value to Your Home and Quality of Life”

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"Add Value to Your Home and Quality of Life" - Bruce Graf is going to expand our knowledge on the growth and popularity of Aging-in-Place. Bruce is a third generation contractor and is certified by NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling industry and is a National Association of Homebuilders Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. He and [...]

Bruce interviewed by Gary Neidert of the Texas Home and Garden Show Series

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Bruce recently sat down with Gary Neidert of the Texas Home and Garden Show Series and discussed Bruce's story of how he got into the remodeling business and more. Click on the links below to listen the two parts of the interview: Part 1 (20:21) Part 2 (32:26)

Creative event in partnering with PIRCH NorthPark

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We enjoyed partnering with PIRCH NorthPark for a creative event where we demonstrated how steam ovens work. Steam ovens are an easy, fast and clean way to start preparing healthier dishes such as chicken, shrimp, cookies and crusty rolls. Join our mailing list if you'd like to be invited to our next event.