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We love remodeling homes. From redesigning kitchens, bathrooms, master bedrooms, media rooms, kids theme rooms, and other custom design projects, we’ve provided our clients with unique and creative designs that blend form and function seamlessly.

We’d also love to work on your renovation project. Here’s a short list of what we can help you with.


Custom Remodeling/Interior Design

Graf Developments will ensure that your entire remodeling project goes smoothly. From planning to delivery of materials, design work to the actual creation and design implementation, our owner Bruce Graf will always be there to oversee that everything is in order while our experienced development crew works to perfect the details.

When you hire us, you get a complete team of experts including not just Bruce, but also an interior designer and our expert carpenters and subcontractors. To get an idea of our remodeling designs, check out our portfolio. For more information on some of our remodeling projects, check out our design stories. You may also contact us to discuss your remodeling project at (972) 571-6076.


Bruce Graf is a nationwide renovation consultant. He is available for consulting anywhere in the U.S., providing his valuable expertise for home remodeling projects such as the ones you see in our portfolio. As a part of your team, Graf will ensure that your entire remodeling project goes smoothly.

Give us a call or drop us a line today to discuss your home remodeling project.

Custom Furniture & Fixtures Design

Graf Developments can also help you design the basic flow of your floor plan to the tiny details of the complete project such as custom designed cabinetry. We also take care of custom painting/finishing, flooring, custom fireplace mantels and even stonework for walls.

Whatever is required to complete the remodeling project and give it that unique twist, we can design for you. From one-of-a-kind furniture to lighting fixtures, we can help you create the unique look you want without sacrificing function. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling project at (972) 571-6076.

Specialty Lighting

Lighting inside the home can enrich your home life immensely if done properly.

Lighting can highlight a room’s features and functions or obscure it into mediocrity, so good lighting is always a must. Graf Developments provides specialty lighting services including LED lights, high-end lighting, makeup lighting, and many more to ensure you get to enjoy the best view of every room in your house and your guests will also love it. Contact us today so we can discuss your lighting project.

Home Theater System

Most home owners want to redesign their homes so they can enjoy all the activities they like doing inside the comfort of their home and this includes having their own entertainment center or home theater system.

Graf Developments custom designs home theater systems that flow seamlessly with the rest of your home’s design. We make sure to design not just for function and convenience, but also for beauty in form so that you not only enjoy using it with your family, you will also enjoy how it looks and your friends and guests will appreciate its aesthetic value as well.

If you’ve been dreaming of having your very own home theater system, then contact us today so we can discuss your project.

Smart Home Technologies

Graf Developments also develops integrated smart home packages so you can conveniently control the technology that makes your home functional.

Think of turning lights on and off in a particular area of the house even before you get into the room just by using a remote control. Or think of the convenience of setting a particular time for the lights to turn on or off automatically so you don’t have to do it every time.

With smart home technologies, Graf Developments can help you make your house a stress-free beautiful home where you can live in convenience.

Smart home technologies extend beyond lighting. Give us a call today to discuss the many possibilities.